How To Improve Your Interior Spaces With Triple Pane Window Replacement

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, you have most likely become used to its darker areas without actually thinking about it too much. Windows are the soul of your home. When carefully chosen and correctly installed, replacement windows have the ability to improve the interior of any space. And no matter the size or shape of your home, you can always improve your space with the help of triple pane replacement windows.

The best way to brighten a dreary, dark home is to find a way to channel natural light through it. On the other hand, it may just be your home’s lack of aesthetic appeal, and replacement windows can address both of these problems.

Humans respond, act, and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light. While you may not realize it, if you have been feeling tired, cranky, stressed, or even just in a bad mood, your home’s lack of natural light could actually be what’s bugging you.

Open Up Any Room

If you have a small house or a small room, space is everything. Deep eaves, faux beams, low ceilings, and too-few windows all contribute to a home’s lack of light.

Interior windows will dramatically increase the visual size of your room, magnify and reflect light and give all your living areas a brand new look.

natural-light-windowsKitchens and living rooms are obvious places to add windows but do not forget about stairwells and landings. These are often left dark and windowless. If you are concerned about privacy, there are many options to consider. For example, etched or reeded glass can help to maintain privacy while still allowing light into your home.

By adding windows to your home, you can achieve the illusion of space without having to extend any rooms. This can really open up your living spaces, your home can be more beautiful and inviting than ever before.

Natural sunlight use in your home will also help to reduce your environmental footprint. It is the easiest way to use “green power” in your home. Even a small change could make a huge impact!

Maximize the Natural Light

Lighting is a key element in enhancing the look and feel of any area. Your home will automatically look bigger and brighter once you start channeling natural light.

If you are looking to add more natural daylight, a mere window or two can make a massive difference, and it may be easier than you think with all the tax rebates and incentives that exist for installing new replacement windows. 

If you do have access to natural light, make full use of it by bringing in some larger windows, or you can simply widen existing windows and doorways to allow more light into your home.

When considering your different rooms to allow the most sun in at the right times of the day, keep in mind the following:

  • A sunny morning room has a south- or east-facing window
  • A sunny afternoon room has a south- or west-facing window ( a south-facing window will be sunny all day )

Protect Your Interiors

While windows are a great source of natural warmth, they also allow in harmful UV rays. Just like your skin, your home needs sun protection. Low-emissivity ( Low-E) windows minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass, all without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. A properly selected and installed energy-efficient window can help reduce your bills and protect the interior of your home all at once.


Other Window Tricks To Consider

Adding a window to a solid wall in a hallway, closet or small bathroom can make space feel less claustrophobic. Dividing walls can define a space, but adding a window won’t block out all the natural light. Interior walls with windows are important for allowing light to pass from room to room, but it can dramatically change the whole interior of your home.

By allowing natural light to flow freely through your spaces, you will be amazed at how your home is totally transformed.

Whether you want an artistic touch, or simply want to improve the overall look and feel of your home or business, save money in the long run and enjoy your home again by investing in good quality windows today.

Other Options To Consider

Leave your windows uncovered to give a room more depth and use vellum sheets, shutters, Roman blinds, or stained glass instead of curtains to make it look less crowded. Avoid wooden or plastic blinds that block out all of the light. If you prefer the look of curtains, make sure your chosen window coverings are sheer or are pulled back at most times to allow maximum light exposure.