How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?


Tree stumps are just plain annoying, and more often than not, tree stump removal can be one big hassle.

In most cases, tree stumps cannot simply be removed with a few simple tools, and you will need a contractor with experience. A degree of expertise is compulsory to operate the necessary tools safely. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the entire stump is removed, not just part of it. More importantly, the task has to be completed without anyone getting injured in the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree Stump?

The cost to remove a tree stump can be as little as $100, but on average you can expect to pay around $300. In some cases, however, the price can climb to about $800. If you want to remove a tree stump, it’s important that you recognize factors surrounding this type of work that might drive up the costs.

Several factors can significantly increase or decrease the cost to remove a tree stump, including:

  • tree stump size
  • location
  • tree type
  • tree root system
  • soil condition

It’s not recommended that you take on your tree stump removal yourself. This project may pose some serious dangers. Regardless of the number of trees and stumps removed every year, or the many safety precautions that are taken, accidents still happen. It’s always recommended you reach out to local tree surgeons with the necessary experience and certifications to do the job.

Size of Tree Stump

The most obvious thing that affects the cost of removal is the actual size of the stump.

Smaller stumps naturally take far less time and effort to remove.

This a quick and easy job when compared to tree removal, and it comes with a smaller price tag too. You can expect to pay anywhere in the region between $165 to $485. Larger stumps are going to cost more and multiple stumps may end up costing in the region of $800.


Ease of Tree Stump Removal

Those stumps that pull right up out of the ground are going to cost far less than those that need specialized equipment and a team on site.

Obviously, this means that the type of tree you have will also affect the cost. Hardwood trees, for example, are harder to remove in general and their root systems are tougher to deal with.

Season and Specials

The seasonal cost to remove a tree stump is also going to be cheaper than trees that are listed for removal during peak seasons.

In summer, prices are generally higher than during winter and fall.

During the offseason, professional removal companies often run special deals, so be sure to check online. Some companies also offer discounts for multiple stumps, so always ask.