Home Security: 7 Things a Burglar Will Notice About Your Home


Burglars look at homes in many different ways than most people do.

It’s helpful to examine your own house or apartment as a thief would. Renters are especially vulnerable because they often overlook security and expect the landlord to take care of the security. In reality, if you live on the property, you have to take time and examine it for possible weak spots a potential burglar might exploit.

When you take the time to look at it from their perspective, you may notice serious vulnerabilities that you’d otherwise overlook. So here are several reasons why we think it’s wise to look at investing in a home security system by getting several system quotes online, from a variety of suppliers and endless customization options.


Easy Targets

In general, burglars seek houses that allow them to easily come and go without being seen or heard. They prefer to avoid tasks like breaking into well-lighted doors or carrying valuables down long flights of outdoor stairs.

Skilled thieves will examine the entire property, weighing the pros and cons of targeting it. Here are 7 things you need to consider that won’t make you such an easy target.

Poor lighting

Although some burglars prefer to invade homes during the afternoon, others look for poorly lighted houses at night.

Bright lights near locked entrances may deter criminals, especially if they are motion-activated. When a light always remains on or off, thieves may suspect that you’re away from home.

Open windows

Daring burglars are frequently tempted by open windows on the first floor. This convenient entrance means that they don’t have to break open a door or even test the knob to see if it’s locked. In a burglar’s eyes, a window fan or air conditioner also provides an opportunity for theft.


Plants for cover

Some robbers look for properties with large trees or bushes.

This vegetation may hide entrances from passersby, making it easier to break in without being reported to the authorities.

If your grass is unusually tall, a criminal might surmise that you’re not at home for an extended period of time.

Valuables lying around

When they case your home, burglars will try to see if they can get a glimpse of any valuable possessions.

Windows without curtains or shades make it easy for them to accomplish this. They also take advantage of homeowners who unnecessarily leave their garage doors open for hours.


Criminals will notice if your mailbox is overflowing or there’s a pile of unread newspapers on the porch.

A note on the front door is another sign that you’re not home. Regardless of whether you’re leaving for a few hours or several months, don’t make it obvious.

Isolated location

Thieves also assess the placement of your house.

They tend to avoid buildings near busy streets, police stations, or 24-hour businesses.

Although there’s not much you can do about your home’s location, it’s best to take extra security precautions if it isn’t easily visible.

No security

Three out of five burglars say they’ll go elsewhere if they see indications of an active security system.

Surveillance cameras, motion sensors, security company signs, and alarm keypads help alert them to the presence of such equipment. Keep in mind that many thieves know how to recognize fake cameras.


Always Inspect Your Home For Weaknesses

Be sure to walk around every side of your home and look at it from a burglar’s point of view.

Make a list of security issues to address, such as unadorned windows, large bushes near doors, or a small mailbox that easily fills up. Keep in mind that a reliable alarm system will compensate for the things you can’t change