Ceiling Clothes Airers – The Indoor Drying Solution

Washing is a necessary but time-consuming task that often gets put off until the next day. As laundry piles up, families with growing children have an even bigger problem on their hands!

Tumble dryer costs are expensive and impossible to control–even some “sensor” models keep going until all of it has been dried which can be costly in electricity if you’re not careful about when your machine runs out of fabric softener sheets or whatever else people use these days (and there’s no way anyone would ever want those!)

They simply cannot separate the dried clothes during the process.

The humble clothes airer has been around for centuries, originally designed to hang from the kitchen ceiling during times of delicate negotiations on “washing day”. Nowadays they are still very much in use but have evolved into something more than just pulley style models – you can find them as both drying racks and retractable lines that allow your items freedom within their own homes!

Now the modern clothes airer drying rack and retractable washing line provide a real alternative to the tumble drier especially when weather conditions prevent outdoor drying.

The clothes airer is particularly useful for the aged who may have mobility difficulties or live in an apartment on their own.

The disabled in general and wheelchair users in particular benefit from the use of the indoor wall mounted washing airer. This can be mounted at an optimum height to suit the wheelchair user who can wheel into position underneath the airer, as they would approach a dining table.

Wheelchair users find that they can be more independent and feel quite satisfied when completing laundry work by themselves. Many people who use wheelchairs are oftentimes able to complete a full cycle of washing, drying then ironing without any help from others!

Similarly the apartment dweller with no airing cupboard or with restrictions on washing lines and balcony drying could make use of a wall mounted clothes airer that can be fixed in previously unusable space, and being fully retractable can be folded away when not needed.

The wall mounted airer can be placed at any height to suit your needs. The floor standing version is already positioned near the waist while an over bath washing line might need to go up higher so that you don’t accidently bump into it when bending down or getting out of shower area.

Combine the rotary device or washing line, which provide useful outside drying space together with the indoor solutions above to produce a near complete drying solution.

I found a full range of ceiling airers here.